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Richard Jones (Bear)

LTC Instructor

NRA Instructor

NRA Range Safety Officer

40+ Years in Law Enforcement

50+ Years as a Shooter

         Competed in International Handgunner’s Metallic Silhouette Association

         Competed in Local Police Combat and in Local IPSEC Matches




When designing the business my Son Jesse Jones came up with a great idea: “Let’s have the classroom, qualification range and a meal all at the same place”. So, that’s how we have structured the business. The classroom and the range will be onsite here at your place. A noon meal will be provided here for some of the classes such as the LTC class and NRA pistol discipline classes. This allows the complete class to be held at one location without extra driving and hunting for a meal and/or a range thus saving time and money while enjoying a pleasant experience.


We Offer:

 LTC Classes
NRA Pistol Discipline Training
Gun Safety Classes
Scope Mounting and Sighting
Gun Cleaning
Other services will be added at a later time.

More information about the LTC licensing process may be found on the Texas DPS website:  http://txapps.texas.gov/txapp/txdps/ltc/?


Here is what you will need for the LTC class:
The firearm you plan on using to qualify.
A minimum of 50 rounds (1 Box) of ammunition, 100 rounds is recommended in case you have to attempt qualification a second time.
Hearing protection (over the ear type is preferred).
Eye protection (prescription eyewear is acceptable).
Head gear, a cap will do fine.
A shirt with a collar is recommended to prevent hot brass down your shirt.

NOTE: Firearms be inspected for function and safety prior to being on the range. Factory ammunition is preferred.


LTC Classes (initial or renewal) $65
Beginning shooter orientation $40 (prior to taking an LTC class)
Scope Mounting and sighting $35-$50 plus cost of rings and mounts (price varies due to variables in firearms, mounts, rings and problems encountered,

If you do not have a firearm for the LTC classes we do have rental 9mm pistols and ammunition available. Rental cost for the day is $25 which includes ammunition (50 rounds}. If another box of ammunition is needed to qualify there will be an additional $15 charge for the second box of ammunition.

We accept cash, checks or credit cards.


We not only support but are members of both the NRA and TX Law Shield. Please use the link below to join the NRA to save money on your membership. Also, you will find a link below for TX Law Shield. If you carry a firearm, even on your own property, for self-defense you need a membership in TX




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